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Help page review

January 30, 2008

Please help us review the help pages! They have become a little out of date due to the changes we’ve been making to the website. There are about 50 pages needing review. Don’t worry if you’re not a WeRelate expert! Reviewing help pages is a great way to become more familiar with WeRelate and help out at the same time. Find out more!


Pedigree maps

January 29, 2008

See what you can do with the new Pedi-Maps! Pedi-maps now include a six-generation pedigree chart, maps with pictures, a timeline, and more. They can be generated for any person or family at WeRelate by clicking on “Pedi-Map” in the “More” menu located in the upper-right corner of the person or family page. The new Pedi-maps are based upon code written by Brannon and MIT’s Exhibit project. Thank-you Brannon!

Old news

January 1, 2008

News for 2006 can be found here. News for 2007 can be found here.