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Merge during upload

January 31, 2009

We’re getting closer to having merge-during-upload ready.  I’m especially excited about this feature because not only should it help cut down on the number of merges that need to be done, but it will also give people a way to see what their tree will look like after the wiki pages have been created, and even allow them to edit their places and sources so that they match to existing places and sources.  It should allow us to increase the current limit on the size of uploaded GEDCOM’s.  And it lays the foundation for being able to upload modified GEDCOM’s that merge into your existing tree.

We’ll hopefully have a first cut ready by the end of next week.


Tree connecting update

January 9, 2009

Wow! During the past two months over 33,000 people from different trees have been combined. The largest organism in the world is a grove of Aspen trees in Utah named Pando.  The 47,000 trees are connected by a common underground root system.  By merging people from different trees we’re creating Pando for genealogy.

If you have uploaded a tree to, now is a great time to find out what other trees you can connect your tree to!  Visit your possible duplicates page and find the people in others’ trees that duplicate people in your own and merge them together.

Once you’re done, visit your network to see who you are related to!

New tree views

January 8, 2009

I added three new tree views:

  • Related pages: Shows pages that are not in the tree that are linked to by pages in the tree, so you can see pages that you may want to add to your tree.
  • Count watchers: Shows the number of people watching each page in a tree, so you can tell which pages in your tree are being watched by others and which are watched only by you.
  • Tree deletion impact: Shows pages that link to pages that would be deleted if the tree were deleted, so you can see the impact of deleting your tree. These pages would lose their links if your tree were deleted.