WeRelate gets a facelift

WeRelate has a new look!

A lot of changes have been made to make Person and Family pages easier to view and navigate.

  • Pages now have infoboxes at the top or on the right containing the basic information for the page.
  • Person pages list parents and siblings, and spouse and children in infoboxes to the right of the page. This makes navigating to relatives much easier.
  • Source and MySource pages display an automatically-generated citation. The citation is generated from the data in the source infobox. This citation is also displayed on Person and Family pages that reference the source/mysource.
  • The page watchers are visible when you click on the “Who’s watching” link.
  • All events related to a person are displayed chronologically in a “Facts and Events” table. You can use the tag to display the table anywhere you want on your page.
  • Marriages and other spouse-family events are also included in the “Facts and Events” table on the Person page.
  • The top menu looks more like the menus on gmail.com or youtube.com
  • I’ve moved the page actions to the left-hand side. This puts them closer to where most people’s eyes focus when they look at the page.
  • On family pages children are displayed in a “Children” table. You can use the tag to display this table anywhere you want.
  • Sources and notes have been combined into a single “References” section, which is integrated with the footnote-style and tags. You can use the ref tag to cite sources from within the narrative; e.g.,
  • Images that are not cited by facts and events or sources are displayed in an “Image gallery” section as before. You can use the tag to display this section anywhere you want.
  • Images on Person and Family pages display full-size or near-full-size images if you hover over them.

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