WeRelate at FGS

WeRelate is at FGS! Judy and Mike are running the booth, and Amy is giving a talk.


6 Responses to “WeRelate at FGS”

  1. Afi G. Osakwe Says:

    Greetings Dallan and All:

    I just joined WeRelate today and I am in the process of reading as much as possible before getting started. This is just what I was looking for. I will be sharing it my family and others. Thank you for all of the hard work. I will be volunteering when I have learned to navigate the site and have more time.

  2. Afi G. Osakwe Says:

    Apologies for the citing of August 20th. I was trying to erase it when I hit the wrong key and it posted. Is there a way for someone who leaves a response to either edit or delete a post?

    • Dallan Says:

      It looks like I can edit your comments, but you can’t — that’s odd, isn’t it. Anyway, I removed the Aug 20th citation reference. (Although you’re correct that the blog post about FGS was a little late 🙂

  3. lois brender Says:

    I need help. Had been told grandpa Benjamin Johnson’s middle initial was F. (he was born Aug 1877? and married Delora Proffitt who was born Nov 1877). Found a letter written mother and it notes his middle initial as S. He always went by Ben Dugger Johnson (nobody knows why he was called Dugger). So a lot of the info I’ve collected is incorrect for there was a Ben F. Johnson in the same area–London KY where he lived. In researching WHY he used Dugger I came across a website showing that a Daniel Dugger came to KY and am trying to make a connection somehow. Any suggestions

  4. lois brender Says:

    Re: Benjamin S. (Dugger) Johnson d: Nov 1967 Laurel Co. KY, m. to Delora Proffitt dob 07 Nov 1877, d: abt 1958 laurel Co. KY in previous request, failed to check the notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. Sorry

    • Dallan Says:

      I suggest leaving a comment on the page where you found the information. Hopefully someone knowledgeable about the situation will respond to your comment.

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